Koruma Klor Alkali San Tic. A.Ş was established in Kocaeli in 1964 as the first chlor-alkali production facility of Turkey. It is the producer of Sudium Hydroxide (E 524 suitable for industry and food), Flake Caustic, Liquid Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, ferric Chloride (FeCl3), Chlorinated Paraffin, Sodium Silicate Calcium Chloride and Poly Aluminum Chloride which are the main input of the industry and public health.

Our products are used as raw material in automotive, textile, food, paint, metal, detergent, mining, petroleum exploration, geothermal well drilling and exploitation, Petro-chemistry, iron and steel industries.

The company is the main supplier of liquefied chlorine gas (main chemical of public health) to Turkey and our neighbors.

After Kocaeli (Derince) facilities, Hatay (Kırıkhan) facility was established in 2007 and Denizli (Honaz) production facility was established in 2012, thereby the number of production facilities increased by 3. With the capacity increases in 2013 and 2014, it has reached to the biggest installed capacity for chlorine production.   

In addition to the cogeneration facilities established in Kocaeli facility in 2003, a cogeneration facility was also established in Hatay and Denizli in 2014. Total energy  capacity of our facility is 30 megawatts.

Thanks to the location of 3 production and 2 storage facilities, we meet the demand of Turkey’s Chlor Alkali Products with 100% domestic production through production experience in logistics and production exceeding half a century.

In 2016, our state-supported R&D center will be in service and will produce a positive impact on the current account deficit of Turkey by including imported products into our production portfolio through R&D projects.

In addition, with its 25.000 DWT port and 100.000 m3 storage area at Derince facilities, it provides turret drainage and liquid storage services to Turkish industry. The terminal storage tanks are completely designed with exproof system. All tanks have API650 certification. Also based on customer requests, tanks with heated-cooled, nitrogen-covered, circulation and filter properties are offered to the service of the companies. Storage tanks for scented solvents have scrubber system.

The tank terminal has the status of A type General Warehouse of Körfez Petrochemistry Specialized Customs Directorate and Derince Customs Directorate.

It is available for import-export and any kind of transit trade application. In addition, it provides dry cargo storage service to its customers with 3000 m2 area of indoor space.

The bulk liquid products to be transported by land route from Isotank-container, Flexi tank container, road tanker and barrel can also be easily loaded-unloaded into storage tanks. Product changes in customer tanks can be done quickly by tanks which are washed by experienced technical team according to API standards. With this service provided by the terminal directorate, Koruma provides customers with the flexible option to change products in the tanks they have leased.

Shipping is organized with our logistic network by acting in compliance with Regulation on Transportation of Dangerous Goods”which was prepared in parallel with “European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” (ADR).


Our production is maintained with membrane technology. The company continues to serve the country’s industry in Derince Production and Storage, Kırıkhan and Denizli Production, Corlu and Yumurtalık Free Zone Storage facilities with environmental conscience and awareness of efficient use of natural resources.

Standards and quality documents we have are as follows:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18000, GMP, EFfCl (European Federation Cosmetic Additives Good Manufacturing Practices) TSI, Food Additive Production License issued by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Biocidal Products Manufacturing Licence issued by Ministry of Health, Halal Document. All the products produced by our company have REACH registration.


Deniz Mah. Petrol Ofisi Cad. No:43 Posta Kodu:41900 Derince / KOCAELİ 
Phone : 0(262) 239 22 70 
Email : koruma@koruma.com.tr