Our Company’s Human Resources Policy aims to have a dynamic human resources structure which produces information, takes responsibilities for work, pioneers the applications, acts fairly for assigned duties and responsibilities with customer focused attitude, develops himself and innovative ideas, plays along with the people and environment while developing all above at our company as we continuously improve our business with system approach and standardize the improvements by performing this measurable results.      



Our company attaches great importance to the training of our employees in order to develop their professional knowledge and skills as well as their personal abilities. Our employees are always supported to get information on the topics they need. It’s our primary target to increase the success, development and commitment of our employees.

Internship requirements of university students and vocational high school students are met within the framework of University-Industry cooperation. Joint projects with universities are being carried out.


Koruma Group of Companies pays attention to establish and maintain a fair recruitment process and a fair working environment for employees.

Koruma Group of Companies offers equal opportunities and does not make any distinction during recruitment process. This policy applies to all employment terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, recruitment, placement, and promotion, termination of employment, leave, remuneration and training.

Our aim is to include the workforce that is competent in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, qualifications and competence in the process of recruitment.

You can find your job application via the Internet so that your business applications can be evaluated more effectively according to our company’s needs.

You can fill out our job application form by clicking on the appropriate link for you.