Koruma Group Companies

Koruma Group Companies continues its efforts to meet the needs of humanity with the right working principles and strategies, together with a sustainable success in the chemical industry.


Koruma Companies Group, consisting of Koruma Klor, Koruma Tarım, Koruma Temizlik and İzmit Sakarya Nakliyat companies; continues to produce chlorine and chemical raw materials, plant protection and cleaning products.

Koruma Klor Since its establishment in 1963, it has been leading the sector as the most important chlorine producer in the sector. Koruma Klor, which is one of the biggest chemical complexes of the sector in Kocaeli continues its production in its facilities in Kocaeli, Hatay and Denizli. GROUP COMPANIES More information Koruma Tarım Koruma Tarım, which has been offering service since 1949, has made many firsts in many areas such as the first production facility, the first raw material production, the first agricultural struggle with the aircraft, and the first herbicide production. It produces nearly 300 licensed pesticides in its production facilities in Kocaeli GROUP COMPANIES More information Koruma Temizlik With its generic brand Hypo, Koruma Temizlik introduced bleach to Turkey by bottling bleach for the first time in Turkey and placing it on shelves. Koruma Temizlik A.Ş., headquartered in Kocaeli, produces in 3 locations together with its Hatay and Denizli facilities. GROUP COMPANIES More information İzmit Sakarya Nakliyat İzmit Sakarya Nakliyat has been operating since 1959 with services such as transportation and storage of dry and liquid chemicals. It meets the needs of chemical transportation in the safest way with its constantly developing vehicle fleet in road, chemical, hazardous substance and container transportation. GROUP COMPANIES More information

Koruma AR GE

With its world-class equipment and teams of experts in their fields, Koruma AR-GE carries out product R&D in the sectors of chlor-alkali, pesticides and cleaning products. Combining scientific disciplines and international procedures with chemistry, Koruma AR-GE works to develop new products and technologies.


Koruma Companies Group, which has 3 facilities in Kocaeli – Derince, Hatay – Kırıkhan and Denizli – Honaz, continues its investments by using the latest production technologies that respects to the environment.

Kocaeli Production Facility
Kocaeli Derince Facilities, which produces in 3 sectors, constitutes one of the largest chemical complexes in its sector. In Kocaeli Facilities where chlor-alkali, chemical raw materials, plant protection and cleaning products are produced, the most up-to-date technologies of the sector are used and R&D activities are carried out. OUR FACILITIES Contact Us
Hatay Production Facility Hatay Kırıkhan Facilities started its operations in 2007 and increased the production capacity of products such as chlorine, chemical raw materials and cleaning with investments such as cogeneration - energy production facility, electrolysis unit. Koruma Group Companies continues to increase employment with additional investments in Hatay Facilities. OUR FACILITIES Contact Us Denizli Production Facility Denizli Honaz Facilities, where chlorine, chemical raw materials and cleaning products are produced, provides environmentally friendly services with the latest technology while increasing capacity in production. OUR FACILITIES Contact Us
  • Kocaeli Production Facility Production is carried out in 3 sectors in Kocaeli Derince production facility. Contact Us
  • Hatay Production Facility Production capacity was increased with the Hatay Kırıkhan production facility. Contact Us
  • Denizli Production Facility Production is carried out using environmentally friendly and up-to-date technologies. Contact Us

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