Quality and Safe Agriculture Address: Koruma

Providing great services to our country’s agriculture in the field of plant protection for many years, Koruma Tarım has pioneered many innovations such as the first production facility, the first raw material production, the first fight with the aircraft, the first herbicide production, and is one of the largest organizations in our country in its field.

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With more than 250 plant protection products, it serves Turkish agriculture against many weeds and pests.

They are plant protection products used for the growth, control and destruction of weeds.

They are plant protection products that are used to eliminate and control fungi and spores.

They are plant protection products used against insects.

They are products produced for many different problems in plant protection.


Koruma Tarım, which produces generic plant protection in the form of any formulation in its production facilities, performs world-class production in its facilities with the largest capacity in our country.

R&D Facility and Laboratories

Along with the testing and development of plant protection products through the R&D Facility and laboratories within the body of Koruma Tarım, studies are continuously being carried out to produce new and rapid solutions to new problems that may occur in our country.